Del Terri’s team of data scientists will analyze your customer database, we apply mathematical and statistical models to transactional, behavioral and demographic data of your customers, to create analytic model that is unique to your business. Our proprietary Predictive Micro-segmentation allows you to discover the present characteristics of your users and predict their future behavior, including conversion rates, churn propensity, lifetime value, and much more.

Customer Lifetime Value

Not all customers are equally important. Customer Lifetime Value allows you to predict the most profitable group of customers, understand those customers’ common characteristics, and focus more on them rather than on less profitable customers.

Customer Churn Analytics

Given the high costs of customer acquisition in myriad industries, reducing customer churn through an intelligent segmentation of your customer base is essential to business viability. Leverage your customer data to reduce customer churn and reap maximum benefits from a well-segmented and thoroughly analyzed customer database.

Recommendation Engine & Next Best Action

We can build your product recommendation engine that understands the preferences and intent of each visitor and shows the most relevant recommendation type and products in real time. You can determine the Next Best Action for each of your customers at any point in time. Driven by models capturing life-event patterns, buying behavior, social media interactions, and other aspects, you learn which customers need to be approached and on which channel, so that you can create the right experience on all connected sales points.

Sentiment Analysis

Combining machine learning and artificial intelligence, we help you understand the tonality of conversations (positive, negative or neutral) through text mining and analytics. You can analyze the unstructured customer feedback through any communication channel (email, call center, surveys, social media) and manage their experience in all of their contact points with the company

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