The average user spends upwards of 3 hours a day on social media. So what can you do to tap into the power of social media? Whether it is through ads, boosted posts and retargeting, or video and attractive visuals, we can help you reach your audience when they are at their most driven to connect.

Leverage the right social platforms and attract new audiences with ads that drive conversion. Target any level, or combination of demographics. We use social media platforms to acquire customers: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. At Del Terri we test, refine and test again for complete efficiency. We build custom and look-alike audiences based on existing e-mail lists, site visitors and customers to increase traffic and revenue. We continually test myriad creative and copy variants to optimize ROI. We leverage proprietary technologies that intelligently identify potential customers based on their web behavior, trends and data mining and machine learning, all to power your growth.

Our Social Media Marketing services include:

  • Audience Research & Analysis

  • Segmentation

  • Creative Management

  • Campaign Optimization

  • Dynamic retargeting

  • Cross Platform Messaging
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