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We believe that every organization holds a wealth of collective creativity and innovation that’s waiting to be unlocked. Three perspectives we stand by:

Breaking Open the Suggestion Box : The notion of asking for people’s suggestions is a good one. But you’re unlikely to encourage out-of-the-box solutions with a suggestion box approach. It’s static, one way and doesn’t encourage discussion. The key to extracting value out of suggestion box is to bust open the suggestion box model and create a way for similar ideas to be grouped together, conversations to flourish and collaborative opportunities to prosper. For instance grouping suggestions into online forum and inviting people with shared interest to collaborate there.

Collaboration vs Competition : Complex problem-solving requires collaborative diversity and shared purpose rather than competitive egos and lone vision. We’ve learnt from experience that innovation thrives on including diverse voices. Collaboration crosses hierarchies and silos – bringing together perspectives and skills, sparking more robust solutions. Best of all, it fuels sustainable change by building collective support and action around emerging solutions.

The Hybrid Power of Online + Offline : The communities which engage both online and offline drive the biggest and boldest change. Real connections and conversations between real people can be collected and shared to spark more widespread and diverse dialogue. Local brainstorms fuel global online participation and strengthen strides towards real impact.

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