We founded Del Terri with a vision to pull together the art of marketing and advancements in data science together to create “hyper-personalized” communication between the brands and the customers. Our goal is to help companies grow their business by more successfully engaging with their prospects and customers.

Combining cutting-edge marketing skills with high-end data science, Del Terri’s Team offers a full gamut of services, tailored to your needs. From helping with particular campaigns to managing and optimizing your company’s entire customer marketing operation, our Team is at your service.


We use predictive modeling and advance data science to unveil your customer’s true needs and wants
Empowering you to hyper-target the prospects with the right message at the right time.


With over a decade of collaborative project experience we provide seamless workflow from creating emotionally intelligent and personalized communication to tactical execution of the campaign to maximize every dollar spent.


Our execution entails carefully planned calculated A/B Tests centered around data-driven hypothesis. We continuously monitor and adjust campaigns based on the performance

Our Marketing Framework

At Del Terri we autonomously transforms customer data into actionable insights, which power meaningful customer communications, at scale.

Predictive Modeling

The key to successful one-to-one marketing is the ability to thoroughly understand your customers and what makes each one unique. It all starts with data and how it’s engineered.

Hyper-targeting & Personalization

Del Terri’s team data scientist build behavior triggered segmentation models to tailor your messaging and offers to individual customer personas, fostering both improved short-term engagement and greater long-term brand loyalty.

Multi-channel Campaign Execution

Our team will harmoniously orchestrates intelligent, highly effective campaigns across all channels, giving your customer marketing a scientific and agile edge.

Managed Optimization

The only way to ensure that you are not leaving money on the table is to continuously optimize the offers and incentives you send to each customer. Our marketers systematically and continuously optimize the effectiveness of every campaign by analyzing each campaign’s true financial uplift.


  • How can I convert social-media followers into customers?

    There aren’t any surefire tricks to earn fans’ and followers’ dollars, though some tactics seem to work better than others. For instance, Facebook ads can be an easy, inexpensive way to grow your fan base, increase engagement and collect sales leads. It’s the approach that determines how efficiently you convert those sales leads.

  • What things should I be focusing on first?

    If everything is important, nothing is important. Our philosophy is a very practical one: start with the things that make the biggest difference in the bottom line, based on customer behaviors and your industry. Understand that digital marketing is a process that will play out over time. We will help put first things first

  • I tried Google AdWords but it was a waste of money, could you do better?

    To get the best results from PPC/SEM or Google AdWords, you need the 3 “E’s”: Expertise, Experience, Effort. You need the training and expertise, a certain amount of experience, and a lot of time and effort to be able to produce successful PPC results. Most businesses that fail with PPC usually lack in at least two of these things.

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